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Bioenergy Promotion

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WP 1: Administration

The work done in WP 1 – Management, is assuring the co-ordination of the project in all its elements - administrative, financial and operational. The co-ordination of the project will be assured by the Swedish Energy Agency (STEM). Work includes defining project logistics, develop project management and assure regular communication between all participants.

WP 1: Administration

Objectives of the work package

Outcomes of the work package will be – apart from reports on technical and financial matters, as well as the “day-to-day” management and follow up:

  • Evaluation Methodology Report
  • Monitoring System Guidelines


General info about the project

The Bioenergy Promotion project distinguishes the following roles in the management structure:

  • Steering Committee
  • Project co-ordinator
  • WP-leaders
  • Task Leaders
  • National Contact Points.

Each work package is under the responsibility of a single partner who is referred to as the Work Package Leader. He/she organises the suitable contacts between the partners and is in charge of producing the deliverables, defined in each work package. The work package leader reports to the project co-ordinator. The WP leader is a member of the "project Steering Committee". A partner may be assigned expressly the direct responsibility for a given task(s) – task leaders - in which case he may be requested to report directly to the project co-ordinator.


Work package leader
Organization: Swedish Energy Agency (STEM)
Name: Sonja Ewerstein
Phone number: +46 16 544 2207