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Bioenergy Promotion

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A collection containing people

Sweden Research and developement - Education - Bioenergy studies - Policy

Kes McCormick

Research, Education, Communication and Innovation for Sustainability

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Germany Public sector - Biomass resources - Agriculture - Market

Yvonne Rowoldt

With the background of business development in the region, now responsible for coordination of the "

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Estonia Ngo - Education - Research and developement - Public sector - Heat and power - Biomass production - Processing - Forestry - Final products - Market - Bioenergy studies - Policy - Biomass resources - Agriculture - Transport

Katrin Heinsoo

Running a number of international projects on bioenergy. The main interests is sustainable bioenergy

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Pieter D. Kofman
Denmark Research and developement - Education - Bioenergy studies - Biomass resources - Biomass production - Transport - Processing - Forestry - Market

Pieter D. Kofman

Consultant on the production, transport, internal handling and quality of wood fuels (wood chips, ho

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Finland Company - Bioenergy studies

Dan Asplund

Dan Asplund has a long professional working backround at VTT and Jyväskylä Innovation ltd in Finl

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