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Bioenergy Promotion

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Information event planned for regional politicians in Rotenburg county

Aug 16, 2013

Three local forest owners associations, located in the BIOENERGY PROMOTION demoregion of Rotenburg (Wümme) County will, in cooperation with the Chamber of Agriculture Lower Saxony as project partner, invite more than hundred regionally responsible politicians from municipality, county, federal state and federal republic level to a forestry excursion and workshop near Rotenburg on 29 August 2013.

 BIOENERGY PROMOTION will here be embedded into the general context of sustainable forest management, which celebrates its 300 years anniversary after first-time having been formulated by Hans Carl von Carlowitz in 1713. The event will present the re-establishment of private forests in the 19th century after a long period of devastation with vast areas of idle heathland. The first and second generation of these forests, due to poor soil conditions mainly consisting of Scots Pine, today becomes more and more transferred to high productive mixed stands. 

This period of transition also provides considerable resources of logging residues and low-quality stemwood, forming a significant potential for energetic use. At the event, stakeholders will discuss the need of actual forest inventory data, which, in connection with recent research by the North-West German Forest Research Institute, can provide detailed information on future potential of woody energy according to species, ownership and prospective interdependencies with main grades like sawlogs and pulpwood. 

During the excursion and the evening workshop, also the need of a full forest soil mapping will be communicated to the politicians, as removal of logging residues on certain Sites might lead to an unsustainable nutrient budget. Within BIOENERGY PROMOTION, currently also the option of wood ash recycling on poor soil types, compensating nutrient losses, is under development.

The event conveys information from a regional conference, arranged in Rotenburg on 28 April 2013, to the political level ( and The involvement of BIOENERGY PROMOTION thus fulfils project requirements according task 4.3, and the joint approach together with the forest owners´ associations will enable the project reaching an extraordinarily high number of politicians on different levels.


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  • The “Virtual Bioenergy Promotion Secretariat” consists of the 13 project partners.
    Interested regions, municipalities and further stakeholders can contact the Secretariat via the secretariat e-mail