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Bioenergy Promotion

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Biogas is the future

Work package 2 - Regional

Nov 30, 2012

Biogas is the future

One of the partners in Bioenergy Promotion 2 is Skaraborgsregionen in the southwest of Sweden. Here, biogas production is regarded as the obvious solution to many problems: it can create work opportunities and it makes use of household waste as well as waste products from food industries and farms. And it can replace fossil fuel as vehicle fuel on a big scale.

In October 2012 a new pilot plant for liquid biogas (LBG) was inaugurated in the municipality of Lidköping. LBG is easier to distribute and use than ordinary biogas. The plant is unique in the sense that it combines biogas production and an upgrading facility. It is also the first of its kind in Sweden. Condensation technology is used as the raw biogas is converted to liquid biogas (LBG). The production began in July 2012 and the goal is to produce 60GWh LBG per annum.

This plant is also a good example of Public Private Partnership (PPP) since the biogas plant is run by a private company using waste from local food industries, and the LBG-plant is built and managed by the municipality and a public utility.

The region of Västra Götaland has a long-term commitment regarding increased biogas production and use. There are plants of all sizes and with private and/or public owners. Many farmers have also been encouraged to build small plants to make use of manure from their animals eg. The biogas they produce is often enough to cover their need of heating and the bi-product is an environment friendly fertilizer for use in their fields.

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