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Bioenergy Promotion

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International Panel on Sustainable Business Models

Work package 3 - Work package 5 - Business

Jan 23, 2012

International Panel on Sustainable Business Models

On the 22nd of November 2011 about 60 policy makers, researchers and businessmen and women met in Poznań, Poland to discuss models for sustainable business in the bioenergy sector. The idea of Sustainable Business Models using sustainability criteria developed in the Bioenergy Promotion project was the conceptual frame of this international event.

The joint panel of the two projects Bioenergy Promotion and SPIN - Sustainable Production through Innovation in SMEs, provided snapshots of initiatives exemplifying the innovative approach to business in the bioenergy sector coined within the Bioenergy Promotion Project. The conference brought together representatives of initiatives from Germany, Poland, Latvia, Sweden as well as from outside of the Baltic Sea Region. The particular thematic focus was biogas produced from waste. Among the speakers and the invited guests were businesses (operators and technology providers), representatives of municipalities, as well as European, national and local policy makers.

Usually innovation is associated with new technologies. This event was created with the goal to show that an innovative approach to the way businesses are operating and interacting with each other, with the local community and with the public sector, in combination with the right policy, can achieve more than can be expected from technological innovation alone.

The more holistic, integrated approach to business and policies is necessary to eliminate or minimise negative impacts of business operations, including environmental and social externalities.

The multifaceted nature of the bioenergy sector provides a great potential for taking a cross-sectoral approach to projects, including cooperation between public and private sector and creation of business chains where demand and supply are addressed in a sustainable way and where added value is being created for the local community.

For example production of energy from biological fraction of waste can result not only in generation of clean energy but also in the reduction of the amount of waste, decreased dependence on imported fossil fuels, improved living conditions and strengthened local economy.

The conference took place at the POLEKO Fair, an International Trade Fair of Environmental Protection held within the Polish presidency in the European Union. The event carried out within the framework of task 5.2 of the Bioenergy Promotion project which is lead by a local NGO, SPEKTRUM and assisted by ConVoco - Consulting for Sustainable Development. The organizers of the conference were the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and ConVoco - Consulting for Sustainable Development.

For more information please contact:
Sylwia Klatka, ConVoco    SK (a)

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