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Bioenergy Promotion

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Project news

The news on the website are divided inte Projects news and Bioenergy in the BSR news. This is where you find news about the project. Stay updated with what happends in the different Work Packages and use the tagword to the right to filter the news.

Nov 30, 2012 Work package 2 Regional

Biogas is the future

One of the partners in Bioenergy Promotion 2 is Skaraborgsregionen in the southwest of Sweden. Here, biogas production is regarded as the obvious solution to many problems: it can create work opportunities and it makes use of household waste as well as waste products from food industries and farms. And it can replace fossil fuel as vehicle fuel on a big scale.

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Jul 01, 2011 Work package 3 Regional

Activities and results of the Task 3.2 – Sustainability certification

This task is led by the German Agency of Renewable Resources (Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V. - FNR) and has basically a three step approach: The first step includes the identification of 11 sustainability initiatives and certification systems for bioenergy used in the Baltic Sea Region. As a second step the underlying criteria covered by those initiatives and certification systems were compared to those criteria developed in the frame of Bioenergy Promotion for the BSR (Task 3.1) and the main differences were identified.

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Jul 01, 2011 Work package 3 Regional

Activities and results of the Task 3.3 – Policy assessment and strategy development

Task 3.3 is led by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety in cooperation with the Environmental Policy Research Centre, Berlin. The main steps so far include an EU policy assessment, the development of a policy guidance paper and seven (draft) country policy assessments. The guidance paper contains mostly trans-national policy recommendations referring to the formulation and implementation of the National Renewable Energy Action Plans. Based on the paper resp. its draft versions committed project partners in Finland, Estonia, Poland and Latvia prepared targeted policy recommendations for national policy makers and policy advisory organizations in the frame of NREAP formulation processes.

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Feb 17, 2011 Work package 4 Regional Projects

Best practice recommendations ready

An energy independent german village, biodiesel production from household waste in Norway and Utilization of biogas from farm waste in Latvia are three projects choosen as the best regional best practice models by the Bioenergy Promotion project.

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Jul 08, 2009 Work package 4 Regional

First publication from Work Package 4 out now

The report includes a description of regions and network points established as a part of WP4, written by the contact persons in each region. The report also includes thorough descriptions of the tasks in WP4, written by the task leaders.

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