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Bioenergy Promotion

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Key-findings and lessons learned in WP4 Sub-Regions

Jan 26, 2012

For the rural regions biomass and bioenergy could be central affairs for the regional development. Effective use of biomass shows new agricultural perspectives and creates regional employment. The main aim of Work Package 4 (WP4) was to establish one or more sub-regions in each of the countries bordering the Baltic Sea, and develop these as “testing grounds” for policy as well as technical and market issues on sub-regional scale. In total 17 sub-regions were identified. Besides concrete work on local and sub-regional level to develop these “testing grounds”, exchange of knowledge and experiences between the sub-regions has been an important aim of the Work Package. WP4 has been led by the Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute, and in total 26 partners has contributed in the Work Package. This report provides short summaries of main objectives in each Task, plus key-findings and lessons learned. For some of the Tasks selected good examples is also presented. The report also provides the answers provided by the sub-regional partners regarding which are the most important key-findings and lessons learned of WP4 sub-regions, and how they will use the findings and results of WP4 sub-regions beyond the project lifetime.